Two Sisters Ignite an Idea

Tami went to visit her sister Kelly one weekend and said, “I have an idea. Wouldn’t it be cool to float a candle in a drink for a birthday toast instead of using cake?”

Kelly froze, stared at her sister for several seconds, then darted out of the room without saying a word. Moments later, she returned with some items and a small candle. "Tami," she said, "that's brilliant." 

Their first prototype was a total flop, but they kept trying. "Well, that didn't work" became a common phrase. After many experiments and more than a few glasses of wine, the sisters came up with the following criteria: 

  • bevlites must stay afloat with significant movement 

  • they must not catch fire if the candle is allowed to burn to the disc

  • they must be food safe

  • they must be made in the United States

  • there must be a means to display designs, logos, and messages


After much trial and error, they found the perfect food safe material. After more trial and error, they discovered that embossing eliminated the problems associated with inks and gave bevlites more character. A product was born. 

The reaction to bevlites has been incredible. They are a hit at parties. They catch everyone’s attention when a server carries a lit drink across a dining room or bar. Once people see bevlites in action, they want their own for future celebrations. This happens again and again!

A note of thanks from Tami and Kelly

We have many people to thank for their help in bringing this product to life. And we cannot express how happy we are to see bevlites being the center of numerous celebrations. This is truly a fun product that we enjoy working on every day, and we love hearing stories of celebrations from our customers. Here’s a toast to all of you for making bevlites a part of your special occasion!