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No Cake? No Problem! 


Make the drink the cake.


Surprise someone with a floating lit candle in their drink. bevlites are floating candle holders for beverages and make a stunning presentation.  They always attract attention as a “lit” drink is so unexpected.  Light a toast, make a wish and blow out the candle!  Happy celebrating!


Bar Box of 12 Cheers

  • A bar box is great for dinner parties where you may want to add a candle in everyone's glass or just have several on hand to be ready for a special event.  Our Cheers design can be used for celebrating any occasion.  Maybe it's a job well done, a reunion, a holiday or just because it's Friday!  Each box contains 12 bevlites of our Cheers design and 12 candles.  


    Celebrate any occasion, anytime, anywhere with bevlites